Knight Rider Racks, since 2004, has been in development by Canadian riders with a passion for sled access shredding in Golden BC and area.


Brian Lavoie, founder of Knight Rider Racks is a "snowmoboarder"  dedicated to steep lines, deep powder and the hardware required to get at it properly.


Brian was raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, a mechanic by trade, but an entrepreneur at heart. Now currently building an off-grid homestead (Goonieland Permaculture) using natural building techniques including Earthship, hempcrete, cob and natural plasters. Brian and his wife Betty (who owns Eat Pure Mountain Market in Golden) are leading the way to Regenerative Agriculture in the Columbia Valley with production of Organic Pork, Eggs, Garlic and Craft Hemp for CBD.

In the winter months Brian and Betty enjoy the deep powder of the kootenays and take the occasional trip to Alaska in the spring. 

In the summer months you will find them hard at work on their farm creating off-grid permaculture systems for food and medicine production and in 2020, the start of a tiny house community for the like minded that want to live off the land and get off the grid.





"Snomoboarding" is a natural progression for freeride style shredding. It's all about the powder and the best return on investment is a snowmobile.


Snowmobile trails, logging roads, mining roads, power lines, pipelines and glaciers are what give us the access to get to the goods. 


The effort to get there is always worth that feeling you get laying down your first high speed slasher on a line. A decent mountain sled and proper rack system will help streamline that effort and get you on top of that line more efficiently and with style.


Snomoboarding will take you places you will never see from a chairlift.


Ski hills are for skiers! Go explore!







Our core belief is that components and materials must be sourced within Canada or USA whenever possible and we strive to support local businesses with the capability to provide a quality product at an affordable price.


Snowboarding, like skateboarding and surfing, has always been about supporting the core companies and sticking it to the man. Big corporations will always find ways to cut costs, push sales, ruin your fun and your planet, don't give them the power to do that.


As some of our parts are made in China, we are assured that the stock material is 95% recycled and as the system is set up so most of our recycled materials go back to China for processing, it doesn't make sense to manufacture in Canada as long as this system is in place. 

Moving forward, as technology progresses, we will look at alternatives for localized production and more sustainable materials, such as 3D printed metal parts and Hemp Composites.