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Engine Tech Billet Thermostat


Skidoo has done a good job meeting the emission laws and at a cost to the consumer in order to achieve this they made the engine run hot to burn all the fuel before exiting the engine. The XP has many safe faults to cover it from self destructing like retarding timing at 140 deg and also at 165 deg and also a det censor. The stock Thermostat does not close the bypass flow until about 150-155 deg that is one of the reasons it runs hot especially after doing mods.

In testing the stock thermostat we found under normal use, not hard riding it seems to be ok. Riding it hard across a lake or mountain riding like climbing long wide open pulls they get hot !! Really noticed with engine mods. If you notice heat fade you have hit 140 deg engine temp and has started to retard timing costing you HP up to 10hp even more and a loss of 200-400 rpm. Changing clutching to compensate for lost power and inconsistent high engine temperature. This new housing gets you that hp back.

This is a completely redesigned Thermostat housing and cover made from billet 6061 T6 aluminum.Uses a 05 HO 800 Thermostat . The reason we went with a Thermostat is to be able to get the engine to operating temperature to avoided cold seizures. Your XP should run in the 120 deg mark where it should for a strong running 2 stroke engine. There will not be any engine fade or loss in power. The stock housing on skidoo is moulded together with the thermostat so you can not take out the stock thermostat. This new housing allows you to change the thermostat.





Bondi Air Box

800R Ski-Doo

Direct bolt on Air Box with no modifications to the cosmetics, or appearance of the snowmobile. 

 The Air Box slides directly onto stock carb., flange and adapts to the front Air Box.  

This Air box has produces 8-12hp on 800 carb., with a stock motor, with no down jetting. 

 This Air Box is a must as everyone knows the Air Box is holding back the 800R engine, especially after any modification to the engine or the exhaust systems.