New redesigned brace from Grip'N'Rip Racing.  This kit is designed to strengthen the upper A Arm rear mounting point just like the original brace but is much easier to install. 

As many of you know the A Arm mounting points can bend from impact before the A Arms bend causing expensive repair. The A Arm should bend before the chassis so you can change an A Arm instead of having to do a complete rebuild of the front end because of a bent mounting point.

A common problem is when you hit something with the ski turned it pushes the bottom of the spindle back. The Lower A Arm is stronger than the Upper A Arm and because of this it will force the upper A Arm forward and bend its rear mount. Some will not notice it right away but if you look at your shock and if its not in the centre of the Upper A Arm or rubbing on the A Arm you most likely have a bent Upper A Arm rear mounting point.

Grip'N'Rip New Upper A Arm Brace Kit

  • We recommend the Suspension Module Brace Kit for maximum protection.