Bracket for carrying pow surfers with short and fat profiles on Ski-Doo. Works with: Shark Snowsurf, Grassroots, Kootenay Brigade, Snurfer, Jones Mtn Surfer and Asmo. You may require a longer Breakaway strap and or Adapter Strap to reach around the fatter boards. Typically an 8" Adapter Strap and 7" Breakaway Strap is ideal. This bracket is required for conversion from Ski-Doo XM/SP to G4X, Polaris or Arctic Cat. (Contact us for a full list of the required parts) The Pow Surf Bracket includes mounting hardware and eyebolt (except for polaris sleds) Type in the comment box your sled make and model and any other details. Select Right or Left from the drop down list.

Pow Surf Bracket w/hardware